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Anti Vibration Table

15 Jun

Anti Vibration Table

Made of heavy structure, to absorb the vibrations.The scale platforms are mounted on specialy designed ani-vibration pads.

Our well experienced employees are occupied in manufacturing anti vibration table that are use to keep sensitive items such as electron, microscope and electronic balance. These tables can resist about 80 to 95 percentage of shock. Table that we manufacture are demanded in factories and laboratory. Being a manufacturer we are giving smooth finishing to our product.

Anti Vibration Table

Apnaa Furniture We are offering wide range of lab furniture which is well known for its smooth Finishing, beautiful design and easy to installation.

Committed to given that excellence instruments and examine to meet individual customer needs within the technical and manufacturing communities

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Mr. M.G. Thangaraj              +91-94444-16809         

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E-10, Industrial Estate,
Post Box No: 2623,
Chennai-600 032,
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