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Electric Delivery Bed GLb2

19 Nov

Leading Manufacture of  Medical / Clinical / Lab furniture  for Hospitals / Clinics / Labs!

Best Manufacturers of Electric Delivery Bed GLb2 in India!

Apna Equipments plays major role in the Industry as Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in Hospital, College and School Equipments.

Manufacturer, supplier and Exporter in Hospital, the Industry


L-B2 Common Electric Maternity Bed, with full range of functions and moderate price, is an ideal product for modern maternity department. The bed surface may be hoisted freely Adjustment of backing angle is controlled by imported electric machine, sage and reliable. The product is accompanied with accessory leg supporter, handle and waste receptacle, complete in functions and easy to use.Primary Diameters:Size of Table: 600×1320 mm 600×1820 mm (including auxiliary plate)Scope of Hoisting: 580-1020 mm Backing angle: >75 Power Supply: AC 220V, 50Hz

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