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Archive for November 10th, 2010

Leading Manufacturers Of Hospital Furniture

10 Nov

Leading Manufacturers Of Hospital Furniture

Our Products range:

Ward Lockers

Bed Pans

Waiting Area Chair

Hospital Basin

Vertical High Pressure Steam Sterilizer

Vertical High Pressure Steam

Anesthesia Trolley

Urinal Pot

Aerosol Disinfector

Universal Suction

Phototherapy Unit Baby Bassinet

Univac AC and DC and Foot Operated Suctiion Apparatus

Phototherapy Unit

Univac 0.25 H.P Suction Apparatus

Infant Warmer

Univac 0.05 H.P Suction Apparatus

Emergency Trolley

Swab Rack

Storage Cabinet

Baby Cradle

Sputum Mug

Seamless Dressing Drum

Baby Bassinet Unit Box

Pedal Suction Apparatus

Baby Bassinet

Enema Cane

Pendant Double Arm

Electric Suction Apparatus model 2

Formalin Chamber

Filing Cabinet

Electric Suction Apparatus model 2

OT Pendant

Electric Suction Apparatus

Monitor Trolley

Instrument Cabinet

Crash Cart

Medicine Trolley

Clinical Trolley

Lotion Bowl

Kidney Tray

Cidex Tray

Instrument Sterilizer Electric

IV Treatment Trolley

Catheter Tray

Case History Trolley

Instrument Tray