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Archive for June 18th, 2010

Apnaa Furniture : Best Manufacturer & Supplier

18 Jun

Welcome to Apnaa Furniture,  The Pioneer in Manufacturing and Supplying – Classroom Furniture, Hospital Furniture and Lab Furniture in India.

Apnaa Furniture Logo

Apnaa Furniture Logo

Classroom Furniture


> Tablet-Arm-Desk

>Fabric Class Room Chair

>Folding Steel Arm Chair

> Wooden Chair

> Plastic-Tablet-Arm-Desk

> Chair with writingpad

> Folding Steel Chair

> Executive Chair


> Chairs Cum Desk Double Seating

> Chairs Cum Desk Triple Seating

Lab Furniture

> Anti Vibration Table

> Centre Table

> Island Table

> Sidewall Table L shape

> Wall Table

> Centre-Table-Basic-Electronics Lab

> Carpentry Joinery Shop

> Sink Wall Table

Hospital Furniture

Delivery Beds Tables

> Delivery Bed Telescopic

> Electric Delivery Bed

> Electric Delivery Bed GLb 2

> Electric Gynecologic examination Bed

> Mechanically Delivery Bed

>Obstetric Delivery Bed in 2 parts

> Obstetric Delivery Bed in 2 parts  2  Section top

> Obstetric labor table telescopic

> Obstetric labor table telescopic fixedheight

>  Obstetric Labour Table Mechanically

Examination Tables

> Examination Table

> Eye Testing Box

> Gynaec Examination Table

>X-Ray View Box

Hospital Beds

> Attendant Bed

> Attendant Bed cum Chair

> Care Recliner

>Hospital Bed Plain STD

>Hospital Bed Plain STD Wire Mesh

>Hospital Fowler Bed

>Hospital Fowler Bed ABS Panels AND Side Railings

>Hospital Fowler Bed MS Capsule Tube Panels

>Hospital Semi Fowler Bed

>Hospital Semi Fowler Bed SS panels

>Hospital Semi fowler bed STD

>Hospital Semi Fowler Bed Wire Mesh

>ICU Bed Electric ABS plate form

>ICU Bed Electric ABS panels

>ICU Bed Mechanically ABS pannel

>ICU Bed Mechanically Fixed Height

> Pediatric bed




18 Jun

Classroom Furniture Series – Desk

Best Manufacturers of Chairs Cum Desk Double Seating in India

Best Manufacturer and Supplier of Chairs Cum Desk Double Seating

Apnaa Furniture is the Best Manufacturers and Supplier of Double Seating Chairs Cum Desk in India.

A Double Seating Chairs Cum Desk is usually considered a good choice because of its Multi – Functionality and Money Value. Our Double Seating Chairs Cum Desk provides incredible worth for your money and meets you day by day seating wants. We use finest technology for making Double Seating Chairs Cum Desk because of its availability and affordability. By no means- one to let down, a Double Seating Chairs with Desk is comfortable, so you not at all need to give up ease.

Need Chairs Cum Desk with Double Seating?

APNAA FURNITURE is the Best Manufacturer and Supplier of Chairs Cum Desk Double Seating in India

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