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Apnaa Funiture Map

30 Jun


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View Apnaa Furniture Map

Apnaa Furniture Address

E-10, Guindy Industrial Estate,

Post Box No: 2623,

Chennai – 600032, Tamil Nadu.

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அப்னா தகவல் பக்கம்

அப்னா தகவல் பக்கம்


நேரடியாக எங்களை தொடர்பு கொள்ள அப்னா வரைபடம்

எங்கள் முகவரி:


எண்: E-10, கிண்டி தொழிற்பேட்டை,

தபால் பை இலக்கம்: 2623,

சென்னை- 600 032 , தமிழகம்.

மேலும் விரிவான தகவலுக்கு எங்கள் தகவல் பக்கத்திற்கு செல்லவும்.


APNAA FURNITURE मानचित्र देखें


E-10, गिंडी औद्योगिक एस्टेट,

पोस्ट बाक्स नहीं: 2623,

- चेन्नई 600032, तमिलनाडु.

अधिक विवरण के लिए संपर्क करें हमारे संपर्क पृष्ठ पर जाएँ



Best Buy : Fact Series -2

22 Jun

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Best Buy

Apnaa Furniture has been doing production and Business in India about 30 years. Our area of expertise is our Understanding about the Expectation of Our Clients’ Requirement.

We specialize in offering quality Classroom Furniture, Lab Furniture, Hospital Furniture at Best Rates which never burn your Wallet. We have been recognized all over the Globe as Best Classroom Furniture, Lab Furniture and Hospital Furniture Manufacturer and Supplier.

Best Buy: Since we understand our Client’s way of thinking, we offer our products with affordable prices which make them to feel Comfortable. In addition, we follow the Policy of “Best Buy “for Your Comfy.

We are pleased to welcome you the Cluster of our pleased clientele Zone.


Apnaa Furniture : Best Manufacturer & Supplier

18 Jun

Welcome to Apnaa Furniture,  The Pioneer in Manufacturing and Supplying – Classroom Furniture, Hospital Furniture and Lab Furniture in India.

Apnaa Furniture Logo

Apnaa Furniture Logo

Classroom Furniture


> Tablet-Arm-Desk

>Fabric Class Room Chair

>Folding Steel Arm Chair

> Wooden Chair

> Plastic-Tablet-Arm-Desk

> Chair with writingpad

> Folding Steel Chair

> Executive Chair


> Chairs Cum Desk Double Seating

> Chairs Cum Desk Triple Seating

Lab Furniture

> Anti Vibration Table

> Centre Table

> Island Table

> Sidewall Table L shape

> Wall Table

> Centre-Table-Basic-Electronics Lab

> Carpentry Joinery Shop

> Sink Wall Table

Hospital Furniture

Delivery Beds Tables

> Delivery Bed Telescopic

> Electric Delivery Bed

> Electric Delivery Bed GLb 2

> Electric Gynecologic examination Bed

> Mechanically Delivery Bed

>Obstetric Delivery Bed in 2 parts

> Obstetric Delivery Bed in 2 parts  2  Section top

> Obstetric labor table telescopic

> Obstetric labor table telescopic fixedheight

>  Obstetric Labour Table Mechanically

Examination Tables

> Examination Table

> Eye Testing Box

> Gynaec Examination Table

>X-Ray View Box

Hospital Beds

> Attendant Bed

> Attendant Bed cum Chair

> Care Recliner

>Hospital Bed Plain STD

>Hospital Bed Plain STD Wire Mesh

>Hospital Fowler Bed

>Hospital Fowler Bed ABS Panels AND Side Railings

>Hospital Fowler Bed MS Capsule Tube Panels

>Hospital Semi Fowler Bed

>Hospital Semi Fowler Bed SS panels

>Hospital Semi fowler bed STD

>Hospital Semi Fowler Bed Wire Mesh

>ICU Bed Electric ABS plate form

>ICU Bed Electric ABS panels

>ICU Bed Mechanically ABS pannel

>ICU Bed Mechanically Fixed Height

> Pediatric bed




18 Jun

Classroom Furniture Series – Desk

Best Manufacturers of Chairs Cum Desk Double Seating in India

Best Manufacturer and Supplier of Chairs Cum Desk Double Seating

Apnaa Furniture is the Best Manufacturers and Supplier of Double Seating Chairs Cum Desk in India.

A Double Seating Chairs Cum Desk is usually considered a good choice because of its Multi – Functionality and Money Value. Our Double Seating Chairs Cum Desk provides incredible worth for your money and meets you day by day seating wants. We use finest technology for making Double Seating Chairs Cum Desk because of its availability and affordability. By no means- one to let down, a Double Seating Chairs with Desk is comfortable, so you not at all need to give up ease.

Need Chairs Cum Desk with Double Seating?

APNAA FURNITURE is the Best Manufacturer and Supplier of Chairs Cum Desk Double Seating in India

Other Products:

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Eye Testing Box

17 Jun

Best Eye-Testing-Box Manufacturers and SuppliersApnaa Furniture is the famous and pioneer eye-testing-box Manufacturers and Supplier in India. The supreme excellence and effectiveness of Eye Testing Box has also fascinated nationwide and global customers to book mass orders. as well, our Eye Testing Box developed and designed to meet the terms  and norms of international quality.

Need Eye Testing Box?

APNAA FURNITURE is the best Manufacturer and Supplier of Examination-Tables in India

Other Products:

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Examination Tables

14 Jun

Manufacturers of Examination-Table

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Examination-Tables are designed and manufactured with doctors, patients and Medical staff in our mind.  Our Examination-Tables are the prominent, comprehensible and patient-friendly exam tables in medical industry.  Our products are not merely developed for durability, they play a major role in meet the requirements of clientele by giving the storage which is compulsory, are effortless to clean and have a brand new, contemporary look.

Need Examination Table? – GET YOUR FREE QUOTATION  HERE and Our other top- Notch Products as follows:


Comfortable Classroom Furniture

13 Jun

Apnaa Homepage >> Apnaa Furniture Blog >>  Comfortable Classroom Furniture


Apnaa Furniture is dedicated to offer Complete Classroom Furniture.

When you’re  looking  for Classroom Furniture, Student-friendly-comfort should be taken as high priority. It doesn’t mean that spongy cushioned Desk or Chair, however comfortable adequate seats to evade classroom furniture as the major reason of diversion or uneasiness in students. The finest approach is to effort an example yourself to see how do you feel to be seated on the Chair or Desk! then the final one is it should be be affordable.

Get the Free quote now for your Comfortable Classroom furniture and Have a look on OUR CLASSROOM FURNITURE PRODUCTS:


Classroom Furniture:: Fact Series -1

09 Jun

Apnaa Homepage >> Apnaa Furniture Blog >>  Fact Series -1


Comfortable Classroom Furniture takes a part of boost up the efficiency of learners (Students) when they pay attention to the teacher in the classroom.

We design the Classroom Furniture in a manner, which assist the students to keep on prepared with their without distressing or hampering their efficiency in Studies.

Classroom Furniture should be designed with multi-use that includes for drawing, writing, reading and additional educational activities. This furniture must be designed according to the most up-to-date furniture fashion and Style. Then it should please and accommodates all the students’ requirements.

As students spend better part of their day working on the desks, it is important that the Classroom Furniture is comfy and this furniture makes the students to feel Comfortable while they are listening in Classroom.

We at Apnaa Furniture, Best Manufacturers and Major Suppliers of all kinds of Classroom Furniture in all over India,  to assure that we manufacture the most excellent and most at ease Furniture for the scholars.

Because we know that scratchy, uncomfortable and bumpy Classroom Furniture are delivering the unfocused and Distraction in a Classroom.

Are you looking for the Best Classroom furniture? Just Visit  OUR CLASSROOM FURNITURE PRODUCTS: